What Makes the SafeSleep Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress The Number One Rated Crib Mattress?

Scientifically Proven Safer

Current research highlights the importance of healthy sleep for both baby and parents.  Infants get the healthiest sleep when in an oxygen-rich environment.  

Traditional crib mattresses with vinyl covers and loose fitting sheets have been shown to trap carbon dioxide especially when the baby rolls over.  This is why safe sleep experts recommend back sleeping for infants.  Test data shows that the SafeSleep completely breathe-through Crib Mattress has a significantly less carbon dioxide accumulation than traditional crib mattresses and surfaces with open core material.

Back sleeping is always best, but we know that all infants eventually roll.

Healthier Sleep

Bacteria, pathogens, and fungi are often present on crib mattresses which can expose infants to infections and possible respiratory issues.

The SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress can be completely cleaned, quickly and easily. The brilliantly engineered locking bar system makes it easy to remove the topper for laundering. The hard-wood base never needs to be removed from the crib.  You can simply wipe the bottom using a damp cloth and mild soap to disinfect.

The absence of any type of fill or core makes the mattress free of toxic chemicals including both fireproofing chemicals and waterproofing chemicals. 

Solid Construction

Your SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress will become a family heirloom.  Being completely washable, it can be used for multiple infants without the risk of bacteria or mold accumulation over time.

The solid hard-wood construction and stainless steel parts guarantee your child will become too tall for his/her mattress before they ever become too heavy for it.

All of our products are designed and crafted in the USA

Better, Longer Sleep

Most young infants have difficulty regulating their body temperature.  This is especially true for low-birth-weight and premature infants.  Crib mattresses with fiberfill, and those with a vinyl cover can elevate the infant’s temperature while sleeping.  This may cause an infant to wake or overheat.

The SafeSleep Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress has no fiberfill or vinyl cover to trap heat.  Instead, a medical grade 3-D warp knitted fabric helps to keep the infant’s core temperature stable.  Not too hot, and not too cold, resulting in safer, longer sleep for your baby and longer sleep for you.

Eco-Friendly, Organic, and Hypo-Allergenic

Our products are made from high-end, eco-friendly and organic materials.  Our mattresses are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.  No chemicals are used or needed for waterproofing or fireproofing.  All of our paints and stains are plant based.  We use no adhesives or corrosive materials.  We don’t use latex or wool because they can trigger allergies in your baby.

Did we mention how easy it is to completely clean and sanitize?

SafeSleep Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress

The SafeSleep crib mattress gives you more than piece of mind; we give you scientific data to prove it is the safest crib mattress

                                                                                                  Our Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress that contains no core or fill is completely washable. The brilliantly engineered locking bar system makes removing the topper simple and quick.  The topper dries in a few minutes versus several hours. The plastic bottom prevents any dispelled liquids from leaking onto the floor. This and the solid-wood base can be easily wiped clean without removing from the crib.   

The plastic bottom made from virgin materials and emits no odors or harmful gasses.

Other Breathable Crib Mattresses

Many crib mattresses that claim to be breathable have quilted tops and artificial cores that can block air flow and trap harmful carbon dioxide.


Some breathable crib mattresses allow only the removable cover to be washed, so the inner core becomes contaminated over time.  Other crib mattresses have a water resistant cover that greatly compromises the “breathability.”  Breathable crib mattresses with washable cores require removing the core from the crib and labor intensive cleaning efforts.

Breathable crib mattresses with vinyl covers or plastic cores often emit a harsh plastic odor that may be dangerous to your infant.