We take each and every baby’s safety while sleeping very seriously.  Why?  Because we found out the hard way what can happen when an infant rolls over in the middle of the night….sleep should be safe no matter what position a baby ends up in!

A pediatrician and a designer created the SafeSleep Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress to address the risk infants face when they roll to their tummy.  Our team of professional mechanical engineers ensure their safety.

Current research highlights the importance of healthy sleep for both baby and parent.  Infant’s get the healthiest sleep when in an oxygen-rich environment.  Traditional crib mattresses with vinyl covers, soft, quilted, and even mattresses with natural and artificial cores. and loose fitting sheets have been shown to trap carbon dioxide especially when the baby rolls over.  Parent’s often lose sleep worrying about their baby’s sleep….so we created the only Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress that has been scientifically tested to prevent the rebreathing of carbon dioxide.   There is no other mattress in the U.S. that can make these claims with scientific certainty.  

We wish all our parents and infants, sweet dreams, good nights, and happy mornings.

We are committed to...


Our team of professional mechanical engineers ensure every inch of our mattress is designed to be the safest!

They are hard at work designing new products with your baby’s safety in mind.

Scientific Testing & Data

Our mattress is the most scientifically tested crib mattress in the US.  Why? Because we want to ensure that our products provide the safest sleep for each and every infant.  This allows us to sleep at night.

Safe Sleep Awareness & Support

We have joined forces with medical professionals, non-profit foundations, infant sleep experts, safe sleep organizations and qualified safe-sleep product manufacturers to help ensure every infant has a safe night or nap sleep.  And parents have peace of mind.

Designed & Crafted in the USA

Our products are hand assembled and packaged by skilled USA craftsmen in Olivet, Michigan.